Lawn Equipment

Roller lawn  $9.90 Min of 4hrs. $15.00 daily

Wheelbarrow  $9.50 Min of 4hrs. $15.00 daily

Aerator Lawnaire 21" Ryan  $36.00 Min.. of 2hrs. $105.00 daily

Mower 18" Self-propelled  $18.70 Min, of 2hrs. $51.00 daily


1 Man Post hole Auger  $31.90 Min.of 2hrs.  $70.00 daily

2 Man Post hole Auger  $35.00 Min of 2hrs. $87.50 daily

Hand Post hole Auger  $9.50 Min of 4hrs.  $13.00 daily

Gas Powered Tools

Bed Edger  $52.80 Min. of 4hrs.  $95.00 daily

Blower gas  $13.20 Min. of 2hrs.  $36.00 daily

Chain Saw 18"gas  $36.30 Min of 3hrs.  $59.00 daily

Chipper 6" Towable  $96.00 Min of 3hrs  $174.00 daily

Power Rake gas  $34.00 Min of 2hrs  $85.00 daily


Hedge Trimmer 24" Electric  $16.00 Min of 2hrs  $36.25 daily

Power Pruner  $42.00 Min of 4hrs  $62.00 daily

Tree Pole Saw hand  $12.65 Min of 4hrs  $19.00 daily


Tiller 4hp  $33.00 Min of 2hrs  $75.00 daily

Tiller 5hp  $30.80 Min of 2hrs  $70.00 daily


Bobcat  $140.00 Min of 4hrs  $190.00 daily

Mini Excavator  $120.00 Min of 4hrs.   $192.50 daily

Walk Behind Skid Steer  $110.00 Min of 4hrs   $152.00 daily

Landscaping & Gardening Tools for Rent

Find essential gardening tools at OMAHA RENTAL SERVICE in Omaha, Nebraska. We offer equipment rentals at affordable rates so you won't have to invest in your own lawn equipment. These tools make landscaping easier. Aside from that, we have other industrial equipment and event supplies in store for you. Listed below are the garden tools & Tractors we rent and their corresponding prices.